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Becky Green

My husband and I have lived in Hinton, WV since he left the USMC and continued working abroad. My son, his wife, and three granddaughters live nearby and our daughter lives and works a few hours away with her husband and their children.

My hobbies include travel, music, riding my 4-wheeler, scuba diving, quilting, and playing with my grandchildren. I retired from teaching high school band and photography so I can travel, spend time with my grandchildren and do more work with my photography. I have taught a few classes at a local university. I am a licensed Photographer and have over 40 years of amateur and professional experience.

We have hosted seven different European foreign exchange students. All have been back to visit us and we have been to visit them and photograph their countries.

I have traveled and photographed all over the world including Europe, Asia, Africa, the mid-East, North and South America and Mexico. I visited, trekked and camped with pygmies, San/Bushmen, Masai, Samburu, and other remote tribesmen in Africa and various isolated Indian tribes along the Amazon River and its tributaries in South America. I photographed the Galapagos Islands, ancient farms in Norway, Mongolian herders at their ger camps and Arab Bedouins milking their camels. Our travel has been by plane, train, 4WD, motorbike, ship, ferry, motorboat, mokoro (African canoe), on horseback, elephant and on foot. We have climbed the mountains and the desert dunes, waded the flooded elephant trails in the rain forests, 

poled the swamps in African deltas, traversed the savannahs and plains and swam under the seas. While photographing a wedding in Mexico we visited the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza, Tulum and a couple of other lesser known sites.

My wildlife pictures include rare wild Mongolian horses, African animals and birds such as desert and woodland elephants, hippos, lions, leopards, cheetahs, crocodiles, rhinos, giraffes, antelopes, warthogs, ostriches, eagles, vultures, waterfowl, etc. In South America I photographed Galapagos marine and land animals, reptiles and birds as well as caimans, huge anacondas, monkeys, a rare Harpy Eagle on the nest and poison dart frogs in the jungles.

My experiences include climbing a glacier in Norway, riding a camel and fording a flooded river in Mongolia, getting stuck on the beach on the Skeleton Coast of Namibia (and using a dead seal under each tire to get us out). I scuba dived and photographed beautiful corals, moray eels, sting rays, squid and tropical fish and animals in the Red Sea. We were chased off our fishing spot by a mother hippo in Botswana. National Geographic pulled us out of a dry riverbed in Kenya and a log truck pulled us upright out of a ditch after a wreck in Cameroon. We were charged by a silverback gorilla and baby and adult bull elephants, and survived an attempted Coups D’état while in Africa. I was there for the Times Square bombing attempt in New York on May1st, 2010.

I am currently active in a local photography club in the Hinton WV area. I get together with my friends and former students to compare notes and look for ways to have fun and financial opportunities in our local area.

Let me photograph your wedding, dance, reunion or other special event. I will make you a personalized business brochure or a Holiday Card with your family, home and pets. I can provide your child’s school pictures in the setting of your choice. I will conduct workshops for individuals or groups or whatever other photographic services you need.

My prices are reasonable, my hours are flexible and my response times are good. I can travel out of state or country to photograph your special event. I can provide photos from wallet to billboard sizes as you require. Contact me for prices and to schedule your next photo session.



Becky Green

(304) 466-2336